Don't let the site's black layout mislead you. It's black; it isn't gray, like a lone shadow in a sea of sunlight, or like a foggy morning whose winds chill you to the marrow of your bones. It's black, like a deep night, a calm serenity; white letters dot it like the stars, words like constellations; blue fire flickers gently through the air, spreading warmth and comfort to those fortunate few who see it for what it is.

Granted, the night isn't perfect. The world never is. There is the occasional dark alley that the starlight cannot reach, where the darkness engulfs the pallid visitor and petrifies her for a moment. Some alleys may conceal with their depths the unspoken fears that are but whispered in the mind; others may be naught but illusions, or perhaps dreams.

I invite you to amble through this night; if you are afraid, it isn't too hard to steer clear of the dark alleys. But whatever you do see, take it with a grain of salt; not everything is what it may seem.

As Tommy so accidentally revealed, com + mist.xvand. = commist.xvand.

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